We provide our members what others just talk about. Enjoy the whole reselling experience.Beginners will learn how, advanced will maximize their success.

Alternative Resell

Our membership includes access to our alternative reselling category. It´s not all about sneakers. GPU´s, consoles or cards are also attractive these days. Provided with the best info, our members dont miss any of these releases.

Release Guides

Never miss a drop of any profitable item, with our detailed release guides. With provided early info for every release, our users are best prepared to maximise their success. Set-up-guides will give you the best help, to optimize your setup for releases.

Member Support

Our Support-Team provides 1on1 support to help every single people in the discord server as much as possible. Also we arrange weekly calls in our server to help each other and prepare for big releases. Learn faster, than never before.


Bot & Sneakers are also good as an Investments, with detailled guides how to invest your money right, our Members are always on top know-how




Full Discord Access

Full Guide Access

Weekly Calls


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The Membership costs currently 30,00€ per month.
Currently only via the attached application.
Currently, the group is only for German-based members.
Yes, you can cancel your membership, whenever you want, through our dashboard.
The payment service that we currently use is Stripe, which supports only credit cards such as MasterCard, Visa, and ETC.